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The Yoga classes at Temple of the Lotus reflect the ancient philosophy, wisdom and practice of Ayurveda and Tantra and Aromatherapy. Each class is designed to balance the elements within the in body in relationship with the external elements in a restorative conscious flowing or vinyasa style.

The physical practice is pure classical Hatha yoga.

Class energy pays homage to the lineage of self realization with an emphasis on being, as opposed to doing Yoga. Each class includes but is not limited to centering, mantra, pranayama, asana, mudra, relaxation and physical adjustment. Most classes integrate the use of essential oils to attain an enhanced state of consciousness resonant with the structure of the class. Energy is consciously moved through the chakra (energy) centers to awaken an experience of wholeness or union within the yogi to awaken our human potential

Classes shift seasonally, daily and hourly supporting the alignment of our individual consciousness with the intelligent governing forces of Natures Divine Wisdom. Emphasis is placed on ones individual renewal and awakening. What is present now as opposed to what has already been acquired or is aspired to.

Focused guidance, through props and assists allow the Yogi to move at his or her own pace, thus the "union" of yoga to organically emerges though the individuals own time/space experience.

The environment is very non-competitive, a beginner new to the practice of Yoga can emerge blissful, feeling competent and awakened.

The intention of the classes taught at TOTL is to recognize nature with ourselves that we may recognize ourselves in our nature. To awaken peace and intuitive healing in the body and consciousness, and access our natural restorative wisdom in stillness and movement under the guidance of breath to attain deep states of emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.

. . . before enlightenment one must prepare the body . . .

. n a m a s t e .